Commercial Translation prices, samples and translators

Commercial Translation

Commercial Translation
Our translation office provides privileged business translation services to the customers of our translation office in many fields such as commercial and financial reports, minutes, project texts, commercial correspondence, internal documents, corporate documents, brochures, advertisements, international documents and customs documents, company presentations.

We have field expert translators with degrees up to doctorate in processing and economics in our staff, so we can present all documents on commercial subjects with perfect terminology.

Your translations are also available as sworn and notarized translations, if needed.

By allocating a special translator to our customers who want to work with such documents on a permanent basis, we also have an effective service in terms of time for correspondence and other urgent translation works that they will need during the day. In order to speed up the accounting processes, a prepaid customer account is created according to your monthly translation volume and your daily translations are deducted from your account.

One of the most needed services in the field of commercial translation is the interpreting service for our clients' international business contacts. With our interpreters with native language proficiency, we meet your consecutive translation requests without any problems, not only for your local meetings, but also for your intercity and international trips.

  • Prices for
    Commercial Translation

    English » Turkish: 0.06875 USD
    Turkish » English: 0.06875 USD

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    The translation price is calculated based on the word count in the target text. Factors such as subject, length, and tightness of deadline may affect the final price. We provide translations in the field of Commercial Translation with a total of 25 translators and a daily translation capacity of approximately 530,000 characters.

Approximate Price Calculation

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Our Commercial Translators

Some of our translators who do commercial translations are listed below. You can view the qualifications of our translators on their profile pages and choose an appropriate translator for your translations.

Name Languages Education Information Capacity (characters per day)
EMINE E. 1505 German « » Turkish University of Siegen - Economic Law 30000
SINAN A. 2139 English « » Turkish Gazi University Iibf - Economy 5000
MIKHAIL O. 2270 Turkish « » Russian Dokuz Eylul University - Mining Engineering 10000
MELIKE T. 1342 Turkish « » English University of Kocaeli - English Language and Literature 25000
AYŞEGÜL A. 2409 Turkish « » Russian Anatolian University - Russian Language and Literature 25000

Commercial Translation Samples

  • Turkish Persian Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 361
    • Title: User guide
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » Persian]
  • English Turkish Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 306
    • Title: Contract translation example
    • Language pair:
      [English » Turkish]
  • German Turkish Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 68
    • Title: Merchandising
    • Language pair:
      [German » Turkish]
  • English Turkish Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 254
    • Title: Commercial
    • Language pair:
      [English » Turkish]
  • Turkish German Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 202
    • Title: Agreement
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » German]
  • English Turkish Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 294
    • Title: Gibson Memphis ES-339 2018
    • Language pair:
      [English » Turkish]
  • Turkish Turkmen Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 373
    • Title: Product ID
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » Turkmen]
  • English Turkish Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 91
    • Title: Cellucur cosmeceuticals
    • Language pair:
      [English » Turkish]
  • Turkish Bulgarian Commercial Translation Çeviri Örneği - 365
    • Title: Language Course Brochure
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » Bulgarian]