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  • About Medical Reports and Translations
  • Current translation technologies and tools

    Current technologies and tools used in the translation industry

    Smooth communication is a vital requirement for building commercial, political, and cultural connections in the globalized world. Achieving seamless and precise communication among countries, organizations, and individuals necessitates overcoming linguis...

  • Sworn Turkish Translations
  • What is localization?

    The Art of Localization: Going Beyond Translation

    Localization generally refers to a more comprehensive process than language translation. Translation is simply the translation of texts from one language to another. Localization is the process of making the translation suitable for the language, traditi...

  • How to get quality translation?

    What kind of process do we foll to produce quality translation?ow

    a. When our customers send us their documents to be translated by hand, by fax, by e-mail or by using the form on our website, the processes are initiated. Our relevant personnel analyze these documents in a very short time and provide detailed informati...

  • Choosing the Right Translation Office

    What should be considered when choosing a translation office?

    Who will do your translation?No matter which agency you work with, the important thing is that the agency chooses the appropriate translator for your translation. If the content of the text is not an area that the translator is familiar with, no matter h...

  • Is Perfect Machine Translation Possible?

    Is it possible to translate automatic (translation programs)?

    Human brain versus computerThe human brain is the most advanced and complex organizational system in the universe. Although its operation is similar to the operation of computers in many ways, it has some features that computers do not have yet or are no...