Translator Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

for interpreters

In this contract, as Tek Çeviri Tercüme Danışmanlık ve Bilişim Hizmetleri Ticaret Limited Şirketi Translation Office operating at; A real person who registers on and undertakes with this agreement that he has the qualification to perform translation work in at least one language pair is referred to as the "translator".

This contract is the only contract between the Translation Office and the translator. This contract is valid from the moment the translator approves the form stating that he accepts the terms of the contract and submits the information requested from him during the registration process to

There is no additional contract between the translator and the Translation Office other than this contract. reserves the right to make changes in this agreement. If such a change is made, it is obliged to inform its translators, who are members by confirming the contract, about the change by sending a message to the e-mail addresses they used while registering and/or by making an announcement on the homepage of the website. The registered translator who continues to use after any change in the contract is deemed to have accepted the terms of the new contract.

The Rules That Translators Are Obliged To Follow

1. The translator is obliged to present the information requested by the Translation Office about him completely and accurately.

2. The translator is obliged to submit detailed and sufficient information about the works he received from the Translation Office to the Translation Office when necessary and requested.

3. The translator is obliged to complete and deliver the works received from the Translation Office on time. The delivery time of each job that the translator receives from is determined by the Translation Office during the delivery of the job to the translator, and this delivery date becomes valid as soon as the translator confirms that he has received the job.
4. Translator Using the functions of, customers of the Translation Office cannot communicate with any other communication tool other than the tools offered by the system.

5. The translator will use the functions of with the translator account to which he will log in with the e-mail and password requested during the registration process. Confidentiality of this information is the translator's own responsibility.

6. The translator is personally responsible for all transactions made under his own account on the website

7. The translator cannot have more than one translator account under the same or different names on the website

8. If the translator thinks that his/her login information is obtained by third parties and that the account is used by these persons without their consent, he/she is obliged to notify as soon as possible.

9. Translator Using the translator account, he cannot commit any act that is considered a crime under the laws of the Republic of Turkey. 3. Persons and institutions cannot make a statement against them.

10. The translator may not use any device, software or procedure that may cause the system to be disrupted or prevented from working; cannot use the interpreter account in a way that creates a load that causes the system to slow down.

Obligated to comply with the Translation Office

1. When the Translation Office deems it appropriate, it presents the translation work to the translator and gives it to this translator to be completed and delivered completely and accurately on the date determined by the Translation Office .

2. The Translation Office is responsible for delivering the documents pertaining to the translator's work to the translator in a complete and correct manner. The Translation Office delivers these documents to the translator by e-mail, post, cargo or hand.

3. The fee to be paid by the translator for each job given to the translator by the Translation Office is determined by the Translation Office during the assignment of the work to the translator. It becomes valid when the translator accepts the work.

4. The Translation Office is obliged to pay the fee determined for each work that the translator delivers on time, completely and correctly, within 3 working days at the latest, by bank transfer, electronic fund transfer, PTT money transfer or in person.

5. The Translation Office may cancel the translation work it has given to the translator without making any payment if less than half of the time between the delivery date and the start date of the work has elapsed, and fifty percent of the determined fee will be paid to the translator if this period has elapsed.

6. The Translation Office cannot share the personal and professional information of translators with third parties, except for the cases specified in the provisions of this contract.

7. The Translation Office may provide the translator's education, translation experience and professional information to its customers who want to have translations. Translator's contact and IP number information can only be submitted to the police and justice institutions in case of a request by the prosecutor's office, within the framework of the law.

8. The Translation Office may change or terminate the services of the translator, the terms of use of which are specified in this contract, without giving any reason.

9. The Translation Office may suspend or terminate the account of the translator, which is considered to be in violation of the contract terms, without giving any reason.


Tercüman cannot demand any compensation, court or attorney costs from the Translation Office , the persons and institutions responsible for the operation of the Translation Office, and the subsidiaries of the Translation Office , outside the framework of this contract. The Translation Office cannot claim any compensation, court or attorneyship costs from the translator outside the framework of this contract.

Dispute Resolution

Istanbul courts are authorized to resolve disputes between the Translation Office and the translator.

Termination of contract

The Translation Office and the translator can terminate this agreement at any time without giving any reason, as long as the translator does not have a translation work in progress. As soon as the translator terminates the contract, he cannot take any action regarding his account. They cannot benefit from any service offered by the system.

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