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Select the source language of your document, the target language into which it is to be translated and the field of expertise.

A quality and reliable translation can be done by translators who have excellent command of both the source and target languages, and who have education and experience in the relevant field of expertise.

As Tek Translation Office, we offer you the freedom to choose your own translator according to the criteria mentioned above, so that you can be sure from the very beginning that you will get the best results in your translations that you work with us.

When you select the language and area of expertise, you will see a list of the most suitable translators for your translation. You can look at the information provided here, such as education and experience, and click on the profile page link of candidates, and you can find much more detailed information about the translator on these pages. For example, you can also browse previous translations on similar topics, if any, so you can make sure you have chosen the right translator.

After choosing your translator, click on the "I want to work with this translator" button on the profile page, and you can upload your files to be translated to be sent to the translator of your choice and place your order.