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Website Translation

Website Translation
Your website is the tool that best represents your institution, in today's world where the internet has come before traditional channels and the borders have been lifted. Our translation office provides the most effective translations of your website in different languages and contributes to your widespread promotion through translation.

We can offer you the following advantages in website translation, as the technical facilities of our translation office are capable of working on pages and database (html, xmli MySQL, SQL, Lingobit, etc.) files used in web infrastructures and with widely used content management systems (such as wordpress):

- The translated documents are uploaded directly to the server and you do not waste time with copy-paste type operations.

- Since you will get a fully compatible printout with the original document as a layout, you will not have problems such as misplacing the texts on your website and having shifts. Such a translation service is life-saving, especially in languages that use different alphabets than the Latin alphabet, such as Arabic, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Sub-topics and document types translated within the scope of Website Translation are as follows: Gastronomy, Advertising, Cosmetics , Beauty, Internet, e- Commerce

  • Prices for
    Website Translation

    English » Turkish: 0.06875 USD
    Turkish » English: 0.06875 USD

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    The translation price is calculated based on the word count in the target text. Factors such as subject, length, and tightness of deadline may affect the final price. We provide translations in the field of Website Translation with a total of 24 translators and a daily translation capacity of approximately 340,000 characters.

Approximate Price Calculation

To find out the translation price, specify the details below and click the "Calculate" button.

Our Website Translators

Some of our translators who do website translations are listed below. You can view the qualifications of our translators on their profile pages and choose an appropriate translator for your translations.

Name Languages Education Information Capacity (characters per day)
ÖZGE K. 1848 English « » Turkish Çanakkale 18 Mart University - English teacher 5000
MUSTAFA Ö. 1329 English « » Turkish Bahcesehir University - Software engineering 5000
ÖZGÜR D. K. 2414 Turkish « » English Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University - English teacher 15000
ERHAN D. 2076 Japanese « » Turkish Ankara university - Japanese Language and Literature 8000
ARDA Ş. 2473 Turkish « » English Eskisehir Osmangazi University - Mechanical Engineering 5000

Website Translation Samples

  • Turkish English Website Translation Çeviri Örneği - 246
    • Title: Advertising promotion
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » English]
  • Turkish Russian Website Translation Çeviri Örneği - 187
    • Title: Using On-line Shop
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » Russian]
  • English Turkish Website Translation Çeviri Örneği - 129
    • Language pair:
      [English » Turkish]
  • Turkish English Website Translation Çeviri Örneği - 142
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » English]
  • Turkish English Website Translation Çeviri Örneği - 159
    • Title: Musical Instruments Features
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » English]
  • English Russian Website Translation Çeviri Örneği - 151
    • Title: Software presentation
    • Language pair:
      [English » Russian]