Technical Translation: prices, sample translations and translators

Technical Translation

Technical Translation
Within the scope of our technical translation services, we translate documents such as technical files, specifications, research in various engineering branches, patents, maintenance and user manuals. Your technical translations are delivered to you by translators and/or engineers who are experts in their fields and have a good grasp of the terminology of translation languages, after they are meticulously reviewed in our translation office.

All branches of engineering that fall into the field of technical translation have their own specific terminology. For this reason, it is not possible to achieve a successful result if a translator with training and experience in the same field as the subject of the translation is not involved in the process of technical translation.

Our clients working with a Tek Translation Office benefit from the experience of our translators who have these qualifications in almost all of the world's common languages, and get the full value of their wages.

Until today, we have provided technical translation solutions to numerous leading companies in Turkey and the world in fields such as machinery, construction, petrochemistry, informatics and energy. Since these solutions are provided by our engineer-based translators who have work experience in international projects, we have achieved a very high customer satisfaction.

Contact us to benefit from all this experience and competence in your own projects.

  • Prices for
    Technical Translation

    English » Turkish: 0.06875 USD
    Turkish » English: 0.06875 USD

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    The translation price is calculated based on the word count in the target text. Factors such as subject, length, and tightness of deadline may affect the final price. We provide translations in the field of Technical Translation with a total of 53 translators and a daily translation capacity of approximately 830,000 characters.

Approximate Price Calculation

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Our Technical Translators

Some of our translators who do technical translations are listed below. You can view the qualifications of our translators on their profile pages and choose an appropriate translator for your translations.

Name Languages Education Information Capacity (characters per day)
NIHAN D. 2132 English « » Turkish Istanbul Technical University - Chemical Engineering 5000
MIKHAIL O. 2270 Turkish « » Russian Dokuz Eylul University - Mining Engineering 10000
ZEHRA K. 1823 English « » Turkish Firat University - Electrical electronics Engineering 5000
BERKANT E. 2449 Turkish « » English Bursa Technical University - Mechanical Engineering 10000
HANDE D. 1512 Turkish « » English Middle East Technical University - Electrical electronics Engineering 6000

Technical Translation Samples

  • French Turkish Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 4
    • Title: Thermal water
    • Language pair:
      [French » Turkish]
  • Chinese Turkish Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 245
    • Title: VFD Working Steps
    • Language pair:
      [Chinese » Turkish]
  • Turkish Kyrgyz Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 374
    • Title: Product Safety Information
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » Kyrgyz]
  • English Turkish Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 123
    • Title: Use of Pedometer
    • Language pair:
      [English » Turkish]
  • Turkish English Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 324
    • Title: Time dependent change of...
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » English]
  • German English Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 222
    • Title: Technical
    • Language pair:
      [German » English]
  • Chinese Turkish Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 97
    • Title: Islamic Architecture in China
    • Language pair:
      [Chinese » Turkish]
  • Turkish English Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 255
    • Title: TECHNICAL
    • Language pair:
      [Turkish » English]
  • German Turkish Technical Translation Çeviri Örneği - 213
    • Title: Fachkundige Personen
    • Language pair:
      [German » Turkish]