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Medical translation is a challenging field of translation that includes many sub-branches. It is necessary to have medical education in order to make accurate and purposeful translations in this field. When the specialist training is continued after 6 years of medical school, sub-field medical translations can also be done successfully.

Mustafa, who is among Tek Translate's large staff of English medical translators, completed his education in the field of medicine up to the doctorate level in the 2000s. He received this education at Hacettepe University, which has one of the best medical faculties in Turkey. He has been actively working as a medical translator since 2013. 

Which Medical Documents Does Dr. Mustafa Translate?

Some of the document types our translators work with include:

  • Epicrisis Translation: It is a type of document containing information about the disease, diagnosis and treatment of a patient in health institutions. It contains extensive medical terms and abbreviations. Understanding and translating these correctly is something that only doctors can and should do. 
  • Patient Consent Form: Some medical procedures and medications to be administered to patients can be done with the patient's consent. The reason for obtaining such approval is that these transactions involve certain risks. If the patient does not know the language in which the form is written, a medical translator must translate it into the patient's native language. If this translation is not made by a specialist physician, an incorrect translation may occur. This may result in the patient being misinformed and not understanding the risky procedure. This is where expert medical translators like Dr. Mustafa come into play. Thanks to professional medical translation, negative consequences for both the patient and the medical institution are prevented.
  • Drug Prospectus Translations: Prospectuses are documents that contain information such as the ingredients of a drug, possible side effects and method of use. They are written simply and clearly so that patients can get accurate information about the medicine and use it appropriately. Translations must also be error-free and understandable. Since they have been taking care of patients for years, most medical doctors know how patients will perceive which expression. For this reason, you should work with expert doctors like Mustafa Bey in translations in the field of pharmacology.
  • Psychiatry Articles and Books: Since Dr. Mustafa has his own field, he can successfully translate all kinds of articles and books on psychiatry. Do you have a psychiatry article that you would like to publish in medical journals abroad? Then, you can get support from Mustafa Bey for a perfect and high-quality translation.

The Ideal Translator for Quality and Fast Medical Translations

In addition to being an expert in his field, Dr. Mustafa has a high level of command of English and Turkish (his native language). His translation performance is also quite high. So much so that it can translate up to 40,000 characters (~5000 words) per day. This is approximately 12 full A4 pages of text. This amount is equivalent to twice the capacity of a standard translator. If you have an urgent translation, you can receive it in a very short time from him. You can get an idea about the quality his translation works by looking at the sample translations below. All important professional information and experience details are also given below.

How Can You Send Your Medical Documents to Our Translator?

If you want to have a medical document translated by Mr. Mustafa, you can submit your document in two ways. 1. The easiest way is to click on the "I want to work with this translator" button below. From here you will go to the page where the translation document is uploaded. The documents you upload will be delivered to Mr. Mustafa through our online translation office system. 2. You can write to us via WhatsApp or e-mail that you would like to work with the medical translator number 2505, sending your documents to us.

Do You Have Medical Translators in Other Specialties?

Tek Translate has over 700 Turkish to English medical translators . A significant portion of them are specialist medical doctors. If you are looking for a translator in another medical branch, you can use our translator search page. To find translators in other language pairs, simply specify the language you are looking for in the search criteria.

Language/Branch/Capacity Information

  • Language Pairs
    • English » Turkish: 30000 characters (4800 Words)
    • Turkish » English: 30000 characters (4800 Words)
  • Fields of Expertise:
    Medical, Academic, Social Sciences

Education Information

University: Hacettepe University - Medicine (English) | 2002
Degree: Hacettepe University - Psychiatry | 2005
Doctorate: Hacettepe University - Psychiatry | 2008

Job experience

Experience: 11 year(s)

Tek Translate / 2017-devam ediyor
Duty: freelance translator

Medlitera / 2016- devam ediyor
Duty: freelance translator

Translator's Sample Translations

  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Investment)
    (Aylı k m2 kira değeri ~ L1 ,-USD / ~ 17,-TL)
    (Monthly renta value per m2 ~11-USD / ~17-TL)
  • Turkish » English - Technical Translation (IT and telecom)
    Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server/relay/client özelliği olacaktır.
    Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server/relay/client feature shall be available.
  • Turkish » English - Medical Translation
    Santral sinir sistemi tümörlerinin yaklaşık yüzde 20'si omurilik kanalında bulunuyor.
    About 20% of central nervous system tumors are located inside the spinal canal.
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Banking and investment)
    Manuel tahsilat talebini e-posta ile Operasyon Bölümü'ne iletir.
    It submits the manual collection request to Operations Department by e-mail.
  • Turkish » English - Commercial Translation (Contracts and reports)
    Tehlikeli iş türleri aşağıdaki hususlar dikkate alınarak kanunlarda tespit edilir:
    Hazardous works have been determined by law in consideration with the below facts:
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Financial reports)
    Bir özsermaye aracı bir şirketin tüm finansal kaynakları çıkarıldıktan sonra arta kalan faydayı ifade eden tüm anlaşmalardır.
    An equity instrument expressing remaining benefits after all financial resources of a company the entire agreement are issued.
  • Turkish » English - Medical Translation (Pharmaceutics)
    DK-2016-03-100 – Analitik Metot
    DK-2016-03-100 – Analytic Method
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Financial reports)
    Nisan 2009'da UMSK Standartlarla ilgili tutarsızlıkları ortadan kaldırmak ve anlatımı daha açık hale getirmek için ikinci toplu değişiklikleri yayınlamıştır.
    Second omnibus of amendments issued in Apr'l 2009 by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to eliminate inconsistencies in Standards regarding the wording.
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Banking and investment)
    2886 sayılı Devlet İhale Kanunu'nun 1. maddesine göre genel bütçeli daireler ile katma bütçeli idarelerin, özel idare ve belediyelerin alım, satım, hizmet, yapım, kira, trampa, mülkiyet, ayni hak tesisi ve taşıma işleri için, aynı kanunun 26. ve 27. maddeleri gereğince bankalarca verilen teminat mektuplarıdır.
    refers to letters of guarantee for purchase, sale, service, construction, leasing, swap, ownership, establishment of limited property and transportation works of general budget offices, annexed budget administrations, special administrations and municipalities pursuant to Article no.1 of State Bidding Law no. 2886, which are granted by banks as per articles no. 26 and 27 of same law.
  • English » Turkish - Technical Translation (Construction)
    Delivery without decoration and pot (Unless otherwise mentioned).
    Gönderim dekorasyonsuz ve saksısız yapılır (aksi belirtilmedikçe).
  • English » Turkish - Technical Translation (Chemistry engineering)
    Specialties An adequate disinfection policy has to take specific necessities of all medical specialties into account.
    Özel Alanlar Yeterli bir dezenfeksiyon politikası tüm özel medikal alanları dikkate almak zorundadır.
  • English » Turkish - Website Translation
    Upgrade: Upgrade to the full-day private tour to include visits to two of Antoni Gaudi's most fabulous sites - Park Güell and La Pedrera.
    Yükseltme:Antonio Gaudi'nin en muhteşem mekanları Park Güell ve La Pedrera'yı da dâhil etmek için turunuzu tam gün özel tura çevirin.
  • English » Turkish - Website Translation
    In this case, there will be no refund issued.Price is per person, based on 7 adults per car/vehicle
    Bu durumda, hiçbir geri ödeme yapılmayacaktır.Araç/araba başına 7 yetişkin olmak kaydıyla, fiyat kişi başı olacaktır.
  • English » Turkish - Technical Translation (Biochemistry)
    It also causes poor combustion and pump damage.
    Yetersiz yanma ve pompa hasarına da nedne olur.
  • English » Turkish - Medical Translation (Maternity)
    Important things to pay attention to during pregnancy include:
    Gebelik esnasında dikkat edilmesi gereken önemli hususlar arasında aşağıdakiler yer almaktadır:
  • English » Turkish - Technical Translation (Mechanical engineering)
    Solubility in Trichloroethylene %
    Trikloroetilen içinde çözünürlük %
  • English » Turkish - Technical Translation (Telecommunication)
    Manage chain stores' operation performances in one platform
    Zincir mağazalarının işletme performanslarını tek bir platformda yönetin
  • English » Turkish - Technical Translation (Industrial automation)
    12* ENVIRO-SEAL Bellows Seal Upper Wiper
    12* ENVIRO-SEAL Körüklü Conta Üst Sıyırıcı

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