How to get quality translation?

  • What kind of process do we foll to produce quality translation?ow

    • a. When our customers send us their documents to be translated by hand, by fax, by e-mail or by using the form on our website, the processes are initiated. Our relevant personnel analyze these documents in a very short time and provide detailed information about our service to our customers (fee, time, payment methods, etc.). Analysis of documents is free of charge.

      b. After the analysis, information about the process is presented to our client, while one or more of our translators who are the most suitable among our translators who are experts in the field of translation are assigned to work.

      c. With the customer's approval, an invoice for the service is issued and a copy is sent to them by e-mail. At the beginning of any translation, at least half of the relevant fee must be paid by our client.

      d. Our customers can request a translation in an amount to be determined according to the total size of the translation project before placing their orders.

      e. In order to provide our customers with an unmatched quality as well as the fastest results, translation sections that are completed every day in long-term translation projects are revised daily.

      f. When the project is completed, final readings are made by both the translator and the editor.

      g. If the layout of the prepared documents is required, the documents are subjected to visual editing in the desired format (html, indesign, pdf etc.) with all kinds of graphic design tools by our graphic designer.

      h. If the entire payment has not been made at the beginning of the job, the final printouts are delivered to the customer together with the invoices after the remaining payment is collected.


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