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You are viewing the profile of Ms. YU, one of our Trabzon sworn translators. Since he studied at a university in China and spent many years, he is fluent in Chinese at a native level. Although his field of education is architecture, he has advanced his expertise in other fields by making translations in various fields for many years. Commerce, law and technology are among his areas of expertise. It focuses on producing accurate and culturally appropriate translations that effectively express the intended message. He is aware that language is not just about words and grammar, but also about the cultural references and idioms embedded in every language. He takes great care to research and understand the cultural background of the text he translates, ensuring that he captures the full meaning and impact of the original work. You can choose him/her to help you overcome language barriers related to your business and connect with your target audience.

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Language/Branch/Capacity Information

  • Language Pairs
    • Chinese » Turkish: 15000 characters (2400 Words)
    • Turkish » Chinese: 5000 characters (800 Words)
  • Fields of Expertise:
    Technical, Legal, Academic, Commercial, Tourism, Website, Social Sciences

Education Information

University: Shenyang State University China - architecture | 1998
Degree: Karadeniz Technical University Turkey - architecture | 2005

Job experience

Experience: 24 year(s)

Free / 2003--bugün
Duty: Freelance Translator (ChineseTurkish/ChineseEnglish/JapaneseTurkish)

Derin Co.Ltd., ANKARA / 2006-2009
Duty: Far East purchasing manager

Enerlab Co.Ltd., ISTANBUL / 2009—2010
Duty: Far East purchasing manager

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