English, Turkish Translator PARIS B.
İstanbul - 1473

English, Turkish Translator - 1473

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Language/Branch/Capacity Information

  • Dil çiftleri
    • Turkish » English: 20000 characters (3200 Words)
  • Fields of Expertise:
    Medical, Technical, Legal, Academic, Commercial, Financial, Literary, Tourism, Website, Social Sciences

Education Information

University: University Of Leeds (Uk) - English & Theology | 2008

Job experience

Experience: 11 year(s)

Freelance / 2012 - present
Duty: Translator/Voice actor

Future Minds / 2010 - Now
Duty: English Teacher

Translator's Sample Translations

  • Turkish » English - Commercial Translation (Contracts and reports)
    5.17 ADR yönetmeliğine uygun güzergah ve otoban ücretleri; YÜKLENİCİ ADR yönetmeliğine uygun bir güzergah seçmekle birlikte, otoyol ücretleri YÜKLENİCİ tarafından ödenecek ve GNB'den talep edilmeyecektir.
    5.17 Route in compliance with ADR regulation and toll payments; The CONTRACTOR shall determine a route in compliance with ADR Regulation and the toll payments shall be borne by the CONTRACTOR and shall not be subjected to a reimbursement from GNB.
  • Turkish » English - Medical Translation (Pharmaceutics)
    Ancak ürün içerik/proses özelliğinden dolayı Tablo-1' de tanımlanmış süreler harici bekletme gerekmesi durumunda bu süreler çalışma ile ilgili hazırlanacak olan protokolde tanımlanır.
    However, in case any holding time is required excepting holding-times identified in Table 1 due to product content/process properties, the mentioned times (Table 1) are specified in the protocol to be prepared relating to the study.
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Investment)
    Değerlemesi yapılan taşınmazlar 143 parselden oluşmakta olup toplam alanı 5.086.766,96 m² alandan oluşmaktadır.
    Appraised real estates are composed of 143 layouts with an acreage of 5,086,766.96 m².
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Investment)
    İki taşınmaz üzerinde de şerh bulunmamaktadır.
    No annotations on either real estate.
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Financial reports)
    BİST'e 1 TL nominal değerle 27.218.798 adet hisse kote olmuş olup, son durum itibariyle kaydileştirilen hisse oranı %98,63'dir.
    27.218.798 shares with TL 1 nominal value were listed on BİST and dematerialized share percentage as of final status is 98,63%.
  • Turkish » English - Website Translation (Promotion text)
    Tüm gün tazeliğin tadını çıkaracaksınız.
    Enjoy the freshness all day long.

Other information & experiences

I am a British native who has been living in Istanbul for 4 years. I have been doing translation/editing work for the past 2 years, but I now want to focus full time on developing my translation skills, and so I am looking for a freelance or in-house position which will allow me to do so. I have a BA in English and 5 years experience as an English teacher, and so I am extremely confident in my ability to write not just accurately, but in a range of styles. I am also confident enough in the level of my Turkish to work in a Turkish speaking office as well as being able to understand nuances of meaning in complex texts. I have experience with SDL Trados 2009 and InDesign desktop publishing software.