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Italian is one of the most loved languages in the world and in Turkey, especially because it sounds nice. However, it is not very popular because the number of speakers is low and it is not commercially widespread. For this reason, there is a shortage of translators who are competent in Italian translation. The number of translators who have sufficient command of the language to provide quality translation is also very low. At this point, Sami Bey, one of our teammates, differs from us with the following features. It is an ideal choice for your translations between English-Italian as well as Turkish-Italian.

The Most Experienced Translator in Italian Translation

Our translator has over 30 years of professional experience, 12 of which have been in Italy. After working in various sectors during part of this period, he continued his career as a translator in Italy. He has mostly worked on commercial translation, Italian technical translation and legal translations. Since he has a native command of the language, he can complete translation work in many other fields flawlessly. He holds undergraduate degrees in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Military Academy and also in law. He also completed his master's degree in the field of electronics. Working with such a competent translator, with his training and experience, for your Italian translations means securing your work.

In addition to your written Italian translation works, you can also receive service from our translator for all kinds of oral translations. To date, it has completed numerous written and interpreting translation works , including for Global 500 companies , with one hundred percent customer satisfaction. If you wish, we can also provide references from our satisfied customers.

How Can You Work with This Translator?

You can request a translator basis to work with Mr. Sami. You have two options for this. Click the "I Want to Work with This Translator" button below. Fill out the order form that will appear and upload your files. The requests you submit in this way will be processed directly by Sami K. The second option is to write the translator's name and/or number in your message when sending your files to us via e-mail.

If you have an oral translation, you can also contact us via e-mail with details such as the venue , date and duration of the translation. Please contact us as early as possible before your event so that we can make a suitable program.

Other Details About Italian Translation

You can visit our Italian translation page for detailed information, prices and sample translations about our services in this language. You can check out our translator selection page to find and review our other Italian language translators. For example, you can find other options that provide technical translations in this language on the Italian technical translators page.

Language/Branch/Capacity Information

  • Language Pairs
    • Italian » Turkish: 30000 characters (4800 Words)
    • Turkish » English: 15000 characters (2400 Words)
    • Turkish » Italian: 30000 characters (4800 Words)
  • Fields of Expertise:
    Technical, Legal, Academic, Commercial, Literary, Tourism, Social Sciences

Education Information

University: Turkish Military Academy / DEU. - Electronics And Telecommunications / Law | 1989
Degree: Mebs School - Electronics And Telecommunications | 1990

Job experience

Experience: 31 year(s)

Turkish Armed Forces / 1989- 1999
Duty: Helicopter Pilot - Capt.

Fountain of Health / İtalya / 2001 - 2012
Duty: Production chief

Translator's Sample Translations

  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Investment)
    Taşınmazlar üzerinde Son 3 yıllık dönemde Tapu Takyidatların da değişiklik olmamıştır.
    There have been no changes related with the restrictions on the real estate in th lest 3 years.
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Financial reports)
    Şirket artırılan 8.512.337 TL sermayenin geçmiş yıllar karlarından karşılanarak, mevcut çıkarılmış sermayesinin 560.595 TL'den 9.072.933 TL arttırılmıştır.
    Company's increased capital of 8,512,337 TL was compensated from accumulated profits and present issued capital was increased to 9,072,933 TL from 560,595 TL.
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Accounting)
    Adım 4 Büyük defter beratının yüklenmesi
    Step 4 Upload of general ledger certificate
  • Turkish » English - Commercial Translation (Contracts and reports)
    Ana şaşi çatlak ve bağlantı kontrolü
    Main frame crack and connection control
  • Turkish » English - Financial Translation (Financial reports)
    İşletme Faaliyetlerinden Sağlanan Net Nakdin Vergi ve Ana Ortaklık Dışı Pay Öncesi Kar ile Mutabakatına Yönelik Düzeltmeler:
    Adjustments To Reconcile Income Before Taxation And Outside Interest To Net Cash Provided By Operating Activities:
  • Turkish » English - Commercial Translation (Contracts and reports)
    Nakliyeci GNB yetkililerinden yazılı teyit almadan ürünleri farklı bir adrese teslim etmeyecektir.
    Transporter shall not deliver the products to a different address without written consent of SGNB, GNB authorities.
  • Turkish » English - Commercial Translation (Contracts and reports)
    nakliye sözleşmelerinde belirtilen ekstra standartlar aşağıdakilere ilave olacaktır.
    in transportation contracts, other than these shall be added to the following standards.
  • Turkish » English - Commercial Translation (Contracts and reports)
    sözleşme cezası, cezai şart, kar kaybı, kira veya navlun ödemesi yapılmaz ve YÜKLENİCİ, GNB dan ne nam altında olursa olsun bir talepte bulunamaz.
    transportation payment is made to the Contractor for the non-operating vehicles, and the Contractor can not claim any right from GNB under any name.

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