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Ukrainian is a language spoken in Ukraine that is part of the Slavic family of languages. Russian is affected by various Slavic languages, including Belarusian and Polish. While Russian is widely used in Ukraine, it has been designated as an official language by the Ukrainian government and is used in schools, colleges, and government offices. It employs both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. In Ukraine, the Cyrillic script is more often used, however the Latin alphabet is also employed in some documents and computer applications.

The Ukrainian language has a large vocabulary, and its grammar might be more sophisticated than that of other Slavic languages.

To create a professional translation between Ukrainian and another language, the grammatical structure and vocabulary of the languages must be thoroughly grasped, as well as the substance of the text to be translated. As a result, it is critical that the translation be done by translators whose first tongue is Ukrainian and who are familiar with the country's cultural framework.

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    English » Ukrainian: 0.06875 USD
    Ukrainian » English: 0.06875 USD

    Our prices are for every 1000 characters in the target text. Pricing can be changed according to the subject, length and duration of your translation. We provide services in Ukrainian with a total of 6 translators and a daily translation capacity of approximately 70,000 characters.

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Ukrainian Sample Translations

  • Turkish-Ukrainian Legal Translation translation
    • Translator: OLENA D.
    • Title: Court Letter
    • Turkish-Ukrainian Legal Translation