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Hungary is a country having engaged in business relations with many countries around the world with major trading partners including Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, China, and the United States, and diplomatic relations with many countries around the world being a member of various international organizations, such as the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, the World Trade Organization, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Thus, translation and localization to and from Hungarian language spoken by more than 15 million people is needed frequently in various fields. Tek Translation provides premium solutions for Hungarian translations in areas of expertise such as business, finance, engineering, medicine and science.

About the Hungarian Language 

Hungarian is a European language that is used as an official language in Hungary and Austria. Hungarian is also spoken in Slovakia, Serbia, and Romania. Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language, and as such, it shares many characteristics with other Finno-Ugric languages.

Hungarian has numerous distinctive letters that distinguish it from other Slavic languages. For example, the letters "" and "" are used in Hungarian. Additionally, in Hungarian, vowels are paired with vowels, hence the language's spelling differs from that of other languages. Several modal and grammatical rules govern the Hungarian language, and these rules must be properly understood in order to speak the language correctly.

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    English » Hungarian: 0.06875 USD
    Hungarian » English: 0.06875 USD

    Our prices are for every 1000 characters in the target text. Pricing can be changed according to the subject, length and duration of your translation. We provide services in Hungarian with a total of 3 translators and a daily translation capacity of approximately 32,000 characters.

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Hungarian Sample Translations

  • Turkish-Hungarian Technical Translation translation
    • Translator: SALIH Ç.
    • Title: User guide
    • Turkish-Hungarian Technical Translation
  • Turkish-Hungarian Legal Translation translation
    • Translator: SALIH Ç.
    • Title: Judicial Document
    • Turkish-Hungarian Legal Translation