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Quality and professional Spanish translation requires expertise specific to both the language and the field to be translated. CANAN E , Tek Translation Office's Spanish and English translator, is one of the rare translators in this regard. We recommend as a pinpoint Spanish translator, especially if you have translations in the field of architecture or related fields such as construction. Because, following his education in the field of architecture, he worked in this field for 1 year in Valencia, Spain. In this way, he is extremely proficient in field-specific terms and language. It offers high-quality translations that are nuanced and faithful to the original text. You can always count on me to do high quality work. It will help them communicate effectively between languages and cultures.

You can work with this translator with the translator selection opportunity offered by our office. Review the translator's profile information. You will find it suitable for your translation in English and Spanish. The area of expertise of your document and the education and experience of the translator are important criteria. You should also look at his previous translations. You can access all this information here.

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Language/Branch/Capacity Information

  • Language Pairs
    • English » Turkish: 5000 characters (800 Words)
    • Spanish » Turkish: 50000 characters (8000 Words)
    • Turkish » Spanish: 50000 characters (8000 Words)
  • Fields of Expertise:
    Medical, Technical, Academic, Commercial, Financial, Literary, Social Sciences

Education Information

University: Yildiz Technical University - architecture | Öğre

Job experience

Experience: 12 year(s)

Uras Dilekçi Architecture / 2009 yazı
Duty: Intern

Emre Arolat Architecture / 2008 yazı
Duty: Intern

Translator's Sample Translations

  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (International Institutions / Collaboration)
    B. A simultaneous translation should be available during the Congress.
    B. Kongre sırasında simültane tercüme sağlanmalıdır.
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (Education)
    Conduct formative evaluation of instruction
    Eğitimin biçimlendirici değerlendirmesini yapın
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (International Institutions / Collaboration)
    Dissolution requires a two-thirds vote.
    Fesih üçte ikilik bir oy oranı gerektirir.
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (International Institutions / Collaboration)
    As soon as the President of the Balkan Congress of ORL is chosen by the host member-country, the President has to set up the Organizing Committee of the next Balkan Congress.
    ORL Balkan Kongresinin Başkanı ev sahibi üye ülke tarafından seçilir seçilmez, Başkan, Balkan Kongresinin Organizasyon Komitesini oluşturmalıdır.
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (Psychology)
    When appropriate, my child talks to family members living at home when other
    Uygun olduğunda, çocuğum evde başkaları varken evde yaşayan aile üyeleri
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (International Institutions / Collaboration)
    3) If for any reason a member country when its turn comes cannot undertake the responsibility to organize the Congress, then another member-country should take the responsibility to organize the Congress.
    3) Sırası gelen bir ülke herhangi bir nedenle Kongreyi organize etme sorumluluğunu alamıyorsa, başka bir üye ülke Kongreyi organize etme sorumluluğunu almalıdır.
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (Psychology)
    Created by and the property of R. Lindsey Bergman, Ph.D.
    Prof. Dr. R. Lindsey Bergman tarafından hazırlanmış olup kendisinin mülkiyetindedir.
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (Psychology)
    (Selective Mutism Questionnaire (SMQ)©.
    (Seçici Dilsizlik Anketi (SDA)©.
  • English » Turkish - Social Sciences Translations (International Institutions / Collaboration)
    4) The proposed changes, shall be sent to member-countries of the General Assembly at least two months before the meeting.
    4) Önerilen değişiklikler toplantıdan en az iki ay önce Genel Kurulun üye ülkelerine gönderilecektir.

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