Turkish, Hungarian Translator SELMA Ö.
İstanbul - 1776

Turkish, Hungarian Translator - 1776

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Our translation office offers you the opportunity to choose the most suitable translator for the characteristics of your translation. Below is the information of one of our translators working in Turkish, Hungarian languages. If you want to work with this translator, all you have to do is submit your translation to our office by clicking on the link "I want to work with this translator" and then "Send your translation now".

Language/Branch/Capacity Information

  • Dil çiftleri
    • Hungarian » Turkish: 10000 characters (1600 Words)
    • Turkish » Hungarian: 10000 characters (1600 Words)
  • Fields of Expertise:
    Academic, Financial, Literary, Tourism, Social Sciences

Education Information

University: Inonu University Myo - Furniture And Decoration | 2011

Job experience

Experience: 40 year(s)

Embassy in Budapest / 1987-2008
Duty: Residential staff

public education center Malatya / 2011-2012
Duty: master learner

Other information & experiences

I lived in Budapest for 21 years. I worked at our embassy in Budapest. I speak Hungarian at native level. Legal, commercial, etc., which I did not mark. I can also translate on translation issues, but I am not experienced. I also have two book translations from Hungarian to Turkish. The third book translation is also in progress.