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Bulgarian is a Slavic language that is used as the official language in the country. It also has some parallels with other languages, such as Crimean Tatar and Black Sea Turkish. For example, the letter "щ" is used in Bulgarian, and it is also used in the Crimean Tatar languages. Also, in Bulgarian, vowels are paired with vowels, hence the language's spelling differs from that of other languages. The Bulgarian language has several grammatical rules that must be understood in order to speak the language correctly.

Grammar and vocabulary are thoroughly examined while translating into Bulgarian, and every effort is made to guarantee that the translation is done correctly. While translating into Bulgarian, the grammar and syntax of the original language are taken into account. As a result, it is critical to conduct a thorough study before translating into Bulgarian.

The text to be translated, for example, might be in the commercial, legal, technological, or medical domains. According to the sort of material to be translated into Bulgarian, the grammar and vocabulary of the target language are investigated. A translator who is knowledgeable with the technical vocabulary of the target language, for example, is desirable for technical work.

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    General Content Texts

    English » Bulgarian: 0.06875 USD
    Bulgarian » English: 0.06875 USD

    Our prices are for every 1000 characters in the target text. Pricing can be changed according to the subject, length and duration of your translation. We provide services in Bulgarian with a total of 7 translators and a daily translation capacity of approximately 95,000 characters.

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Bulgarian Sample Translations

  • Turkish-Bulgarian Commercial Translation translation
    • Translator: BAHTIYAR M.
    • Title: Language Course Brochure
    • Turkish-Bulgarian Commercial Translation
  • Bulgarian-Turkish Commercial Translation translation
    • Translator: BAHTIYAR M.
    • Title: Power of attorney
    • Bulgarian-Turkish Commercial Translation